Most Technologically Advanced Courthouse in U.S.

On November 20th, 2006 I had the opportunity to accompany attorney Perry Zivley to the newly built Harris County Civil Courthouse, to conduct an interview/videocast with the honorable Judge Ken Wise of the 152nd Judicial District Court.

The data collected during this interview was used in preparing the content for an educational article Perry is writing entitled, “Understanding and Using Courtroom Technology in the New Harris County Civil Courthouse.”

I’ve visited and worked in a few other courtrooms across the country and I can say hands down that the new Harris County Civil Courthouse is by far the most tech-friendly courthouse I’ve come across. Having used the technology before, I was already a proponent of the new courthouse and being afforded the opportunity to showcase it here on Real Lawyer News came as a real honor.

Judge Wise was very hospitable and excited to explain in specific detail about the technology now available in the new courtrooms. I recommend any lawyer scheduled to try a case in the new Harris County Civil Courthouse to take amoment and watch the below videos, which were shot on location in the new courtroom setting.

Hopefully other municipalities seeking to install reliable and easy to use technology into their own courtrooms will first visit the Harris County Courthouses for a prime example in leading edge, 21st century courtroom technology implementation.

Mr. Zivley has the article he wrote about using courtroom technology posted at his blog, click hereto read it before its official debut in The Houston Lawyer Magazine.

The first video is the uncut footage of Perry’s Interview with Judge Wise. The second video is my attempt to shoot some footage of Judge Wise actually demonstrating the various components of the courtroom technology setup. Please forgive my zooming skills and the noises coming from the camera  =)

-Authored by Jamie Parks on Dec 05, 2006 at 01:30 PM