Do Real Lawyers Still Need a 1.0 Website if They Have a 2.0 Blog?

For anyone who has followed Real Lawyer News since its conception in September you may be wondering what has been going on with the Zivley Law Firm’s technology transition.

Even if you’re not wondering – I received an e-mail this morning from Massachusetts’ infamous media and technology lawyer Bob Ambrogi over at LawSiteswhich has prompted me to write the following post.

Ambrogi Asks:

“What’s happened with your experiment with the Zivley’s? Can’t tell from your blog whatever came of it.”

— Bob Ambrogi

Thanks for your inquiry Mr. Ambrogi.

From the outside The Zivley Project may appear to be on slow M..O..T..I..O..N… but from the perspective of the halls within The Law Office of Perry Zivley everything is really coming together faster than they expected.

Thanks to Craig Whitley over at Texas Web Designs, the primary landing site for is nearing its final stages of development.

To give you a preview Perry has decided to go ahead with the ‘beta‘ launch ofThe Zivley Law Firm website. Click on the link to take a look, but please keep in mind that he is still adding a few multi-media elements like clips from deposition videos as well as a couple of other articles that he’s authored and various other points of interest.

You can also find a section on the new Zivley Law website in the top navigation bar, under the “media” tab directing readers to the Zivley Blog.

Although The Zivley’s venture into the blawgosphere has still consisted primarily of reading blogs, please do bare with them. They are both very excited about publishing their blog and are really looking forward to interacting with the community and fellow blawgonauts.

I know it has seem somewhat silent around here lately… but rest assured, I am working on a few interesting posts for the future – just been getting all of my pixels down the right paths.

I’d like to thank all of you who have subscribed to Real Lawyer News and who have linked or told people about my blog. I enjoy reading all of your blogs and watching the wonderful conversations that blossom around them.

Until next post, may all of your conversations be real and meaningful!

-Authored by Jamie Parks on Nov 16, 2006 at 09:01 PM